It all started in 2004...

I was a big fan of the NBC show Scrubs. I watched it when it aired live on TV, I owned it on DVD, I even sat down and took time away from vacation last Labor Day weekend to binge the Scrubs marathon on Comedy Central. In terms of TV shows with the most rewatch value, I would put Scrubs up there with Seinfeld or Friends. My love for the show was due in part to my connection to the Zach Braff character, JD. We all related to him. This is not unique. 

That's partly why I was so excited when I saw the first trailer for Garden State, a film written and directed by Zach Braff. The first time I saw the movie I was 17, I was alone and I was floored. I loved every aspect of the film. I loved Natalie Portman, I loved Peter Sarsgaard, I loved the tone and the locations and Method Man! But mostly, I loved the music.

The Garden State Soundtrack was perfection. Right after seeing the movie, I drove straight over to Best Buy and bought 2 copies on CD. The next weekend I brought my friend Joey to see the movie. Right after: Best Buy, a copy of the soundtrack for Joey. I brought dates to see the movie. I burned copies of the soundtrack for friends. I had a Garden State poster in my Freshman dorm. Not a poster for the movie, but for the soundtrack. 

I know that I am not alone in this. My friends and I all have similar relationships to the movie and the music. That's why we all got together to pay homage to the soundtrack that changed our lives. "You Gotta Hear This One Song" is a tribute to the Garden State soundtrack by my friends and I. We love the music so much we wanted to do something to show it. The result is a compilation of 12 tracks, recorded all across the US in studios, basements, offices and closets. We hope you enjoy it. 

- Dylan Wise



Full album out February


You Gotta Hear This One Song

by Various Artists

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Zach Braff seems like an affable guy.

Tell him about this project. Tell him how much you like the Garden State soundtrack (again). Ask him how Donald Faison is doing.